Why Do You Write?

I write for a living, but that’s not why I write. I provide 14 to 16 blogs a month for my clients’ websites. The research that goes into writing these blogs can be tedious and boring. Most times, the topics are fun and educational. I go home learning about random things like TMJ pain or why it’s not so bad to plant in the summer.

After writing so much during the day, it becomes difficult to go home and want to write about what really interests me. I force myself to log in to my computer and after that, my love for writing settles in. Once I’m in the groove of it, the real answers to why I write reveal themselves.

  • I blog because it’s therapeutic, almost like writing in a diary. All my thoughts go into a computer and become real. They’re corporeal. I’m able to read back these words and reflect on them, rewrite them, and delete them if I want. If something you do makes you feel great about yourself or helps you in some way, you should do it more often.
  • I write because I aspire to be known for my writing. Like all writers, I struggle with what to write first. The list of unfinished writing projects is accumulating. No matter though, as I’m writing now and it shows promise for my future. A little discipline is all you need sometimes.
  • I write because I want to help and inspire. I’d like to help in inspiring someone to accomplish their goals in life. Stephen King inspired me to write horror. J. R. R. Tolkien inspired me to write fantasy. Joss Whedon inspired me to write for television, and Wes Craven inspired me to write for film. All four men inspired me to write!

Hopefully, this blog inspired you. Why do you write? Let me know in the comments!


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